Home sweet home was designed with one purpose, to become the paradise of staying in Ioannina. Located at Zappa 11-13 in the historic center of Ioannina.

The home sweet home is between the famous arcades of Independence Street, next to the arcade Maramenos.
No need to entreaties persuaded to cross the threshold, because even before you do have enchanted from the environment, is the special architecture of the galleries, the retro aesthetics, the old town flavor and physical sensation refuge from everyday life.

An ideal place to socialize with other travelers or you sit alone with corners for reading, relaxation and information, travel library, free press, access to the internet.

Our philosophy is to offer high quality services covering the ever increasing needs of each customer.
With dynamism and therefore offer travelers unique hospitality experience in a particularly friendly environment. The modern traveler wants affordable luxury, but to fully meet their needs.

In our comfortable and pleasant living room, you will find magazines, books, board games and great music, that make the mood for relaxation and good company, at all hours of the day.

In different rooms of Home Sweet Home, colors prevail, cheerful objects and furniture and light-hearted. There certainly missing and all modern amenities such as air conditioning, television and wireless internet.