In Anilio Metsovo, just 50 km from Ioannina, 80 from Trikala and 215 from Thessaloniki, the lovers of snow have the opportunity to enjoy endless descents. The newest ski resort in the country has slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, but also possibility of descents in pristine snow. The equipment includes a two-seat lift length of 800 meters, two brand new sliding 280 and 300 meters, two baby lifts and two chionostrotires.


1. Politsies (Prophet Elias altitude of 1360-1620m.), 4 km. Metsovo has easy pistes and short length. It offers chalet with restaurant and cafe, ski schools, ski rental stores and snow truck (as a vehicle bus, consisting of 2 wagons and passenger walks in the snow).

2. Karakoli (Altitude 1340-1520m.), Located 1.5 km. From Metsovo. It has a lift car length of 800 meters which serves two tracks, one has a length of 900 meters (easy) and the other 1,100 meters (very easy).

3. Balance – Sunless (altitude 1680-1850m.), Has an aerial two-seat chairlift 700 meters, two sliding and 2 baby lifts.
Endurance road track is 5-10 km. Length


Zagorochoria is a network of 46 beautiful villages where you can find what wants.
Villages with life or calm, villages with incredible views and villages in the forest.
Forests and dry peaks, crystal rivers such Voidomatis and alpine lakes, such as Drakolimni.
In Zagorochoria the visitor can also admire the traditional architecture of stone and wood are the main materials used to make them even made houses (Most villages in Zagora, are labeled traditional settlements by Decree Zagoria).

The Vikos Gorge (or Vikos Gorge) is also a sight worth not only to see and walk and is crossed by a European path marked.

The activities that you can do. Some of them are hiking, horse riding, climbing, mountaineering, rafting, canoeing / kayaking, mountain bike. The world is more than welcoming and friendly.

The traditional dishes beautifully! Do not forget to try the famous pies, sweets and meats of the region is great. Accompany your meal with a nice red wine region, and spend your evenings drinking local raki.

Vikos Gorge

The Vikos Gorge is one of the main attractions of Zagoria and the prefecture of Ioannina in general.Considered one of the best canyons in the world and certainly the best in Europe.

Geographically the Vikos Gorge located in the area of Zagori and extends between the villages Tsepelovo andKlidonia from Zagori until shortly before Konitsa. Also close to the canyon are the villages: Kapesovo, Cocoon, Gardens, Vradeto, Monodendri, Aristi, etc.

The Vikos Gorge has a total length of 12 km and through the flows the riverVoidomatis. The maximum height of the gorge is 1100 meters, while the average exposure is approximately 200 meters. At the narrowest point of the gorge has a width (opening) just 2 meters.

In the middle of the gorge joins another great ravine in the region, Mega Lakos, which starts from the mountains of Tymfi and ends in the ravine of Vikos.

The area boasts important flora and fauna. The flora of the area includes rare herbs, many of which have medicinal properties. The area also five endemic species which are found nowhere else in the world.

The fauna includes many rare species (eg dunlin, chionotsichla, mafrotsiklitara, golden eagle, osprey, etc.). Also, the region is home to species such as wild boar, wild goat, deer, the polecat, the bear, etc. For this reason, since 1973, has been designated a National Park and protected. The area of the gorge, is the core of the National Park Vikos Aoos.

You can enjoy the view of the gorge from the villages Monodendri(in Oxia) near Vradeto (instead Beloi) and the village of Vikos. The view of the canyon of these points is literally breathtaking and makes the visitor to admire the grandeur of wild nature Continental.

Visitors can also descend the ravine from many villages of Zagoria and enjoy the way to marked trails that cross theregion. Crossing the entire gorge takes about 6 hours and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the best flora and fauna.

Ancient Theatre Dodona

Ancient Dodona was a place of worship of Zeus and Dione. It is located about 2 km. From the settlement of Dodona, in closed, elongated valley at the foot of Mount Tomaros at an altitude of 600 m.
The first evidence for the existence of the oracle of Dodona as a place of worship placed around 2600 BC .. It is the oldest oracle encountered in Greece. The legend says that from Thebes of Egypt threw two pigeons: one landed in Libya, where they built the temple of Jupiter Ammon, and the second came at Dodona, where founded the oracle.

Ancient Theatre Dodona built in the third century BC for Pyrrhus reign followed the plan are all Greek theaters. Could accommodate 18,000 spectators and was the largest of its time. The theater suffered successive disasters, reconstructions and configurations in the centuries that followed the decline of the kingdom of Epirus and during the Roman conquest was used as an arena.

The wall that is in front of the first seats built at this time to protect spectators from the beasts. From the 4th century AD ceased to function. The first excavations and restoration work at the archaeological site of Dodona began in 1875 and continue until today.

Ancient Theatre Dodona is located 22 km from Ioannina. The opening hours of the Archaeological Site Dodona, are daily from 8:00 to 15:00. Telephone 26510 82 287.